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Faroe Cars?

We are a car rental company based at the Airport in Sørvágur in the Faroe Islands. We are constantly working on expanding our customer satisfaction. It is important for us that you as a customer is happy and safe, when you pick up and drop off the car.

New and clean cars in great condition

When you are picking up the car you will always get a car that has been pre checked by us, so that we can be certain that you get the car you have payed for, which is in great condition, clean and safe. This is because we want it to be a comfortable and pleasurable experience to drive in one of our rental cars.

For you to be able to find exactly the car that you need, we offer cars in different sizes, which can fit 2, 5 and 9 people in the car incl. the driver. It is quick and easy to get an overview of your options where you can book the car that fits your requirements and if required, add the desired extra equipment.

Our Team

Kent L. Christensen
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Kent L. Christensen

Owner and CEO

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About Kent

Kent has extensive experiences in the tourism sector, having managed several companies both big and small. With him in the driving seat of this company you are sure to be getting the very best of services.

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Jana Egholm
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Jana Egholm

Station Manager

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About Jana

Jana has extensive experiences in the car rental service section, having worked at other car rental companies before. With her expert customer service, you will be in good hands.

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Need help with anything?

Our partners can help you with travel, stay or anything Faroese.
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Make Travel

Travel Agency for travels to the Faroe Islands

Specializing in travels to the Faroe Islands. Can help you with travel, excursions, stay.

Guesthouse Hugo

Perfect location, with views of the fjord

A small guesthouse and café in the village of Sørvágur, right next to the airport.

Visit Faroe Islands

Information about the islands

See their website for any information regarding the Faroe Islands. The go-to site for Faroe Islands.

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Vága Floghavn

380 Sørvágur

Faroe Islands


+ 298 783000